This version of the engine was based on DirectX 9.0c fixed function pipeline. It was started after I learned some basic DirectX stuff. Initially, it was basically a 2D engine based on sprite animations, 2D collisions, etc. Later I added some 3D stuff also in their basic form like terrain renderer, lighting, blending effects like water, full-screen, underwater effect, particles, loading static meshes, etc.



  • Based on DirectX 9 Fixed-Function pipeline.
  • Support for 2D Sprite Animations.
  • Support for lights Ambient Light,Point Light, Directional Light and Spot Light.
  • Underwater effects
  • Other blending effects for water, detail mapping for terrain, etc.
  • Loading static meshes from x files. Picking.
  • Loading Textures and Material files.
  • 2D player controllers
  • 2D Collision System.
  • 2D Newtonian physics
  • Saving / Loading levels using text-based file format.


  • MapEditor 1 –  2D Map Editor made using C# (for Gui) and VC++ (my engine).
  • Particle Editor – To create / test different types of particle system.




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