This was the very first engine when I was learning graphics programming using Allegro. Before this, I was doing a lot of experiments in turbo c++ and I needed some easy to use graphics library to get me started in vc++ but I was afraid to pick up MFC that time because a really crappy (and the only VC++ book in the library) scared me away. I was looking for an easy to set up & use library, to allow me to create graphics window and provide me easy to use functions to create basic shapes. Allegro was perfect for this. So I started writing some basic games like pong, tank wars, etc. As I was moving on from one project to other I found that a lot of code can be reused, so I began building a sort of framework. Some of the components from this version like utility classes and log generator were kept even engine ver2.0 and 3.0.

This was a 2D engine for making games using colored primitive shapes like rectangle, circles, etc. This version of engine didn’t had a lot of features but I learned a lot and moved on with a clear vision to next version.

I also tried to write my first map editor in this version but both the editor & engine were left buggy/ incomplete that time due to college exams. And after exams I started with Win32 programming, DirectX, etc. and never got the chance to check it out again to fix / complete the engine and that map editor.



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