Just Another Game Engine

Just Another Game Engine is a Game Engine I am working on from quite a while for fun and to learn the hardcore stuff that goes in to make a 3D Game. The latest version of the engine is based on Direct3D11 (planning to port to Direct3D12 soon) for now and once it reaches a particular stage (and Vulkan is better supported) I will port it to mac / Linux too.
I thought it will be quite handy to have some sort of engine or something of my own that I can use to make games when required either for fun, to test some gameplay or for some competition, etc. Many people can argue why not take the easier way and use other middleware, libraries or engines like Allegro, Torque, XNA, SDL, Unreal, Source etc. for making games. Well, I chose the hard way because I wanted to learn whatever it takes to make a 3D game from scratch.

More detailed information about the capabilities of each version of the engine can be found on : –


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