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Mobile Game in development

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I took 2 days break from engine stuff and made a 2D mobile game in Unity3D .
Well things workout and we are working on the game since to make it ready to be released soon.
It’s another Tetris kind of game but with few twists of our own to make it a unique experience. It will be a free to play game on Android and hopefully on IOS too.
Approx 80% of the game has been done, things remaining including some artwork, some more testing & level balancing and social networking features ( e.g sharing scores over facebook, twitter etc).
Hopefully we would finish the game by next week.
Other people working with me are Ravi Hansda and Justin Sousa.

Here is a collection of some of the artwork done till now for the game created by Justin Sousa –

Note – Game is still in development so these images may or mayn’t represent the final artwork for the game.

If anyone interested in checking out beta build contact me directly via email, facebook, etc., we would really appreciate your feed back.

Asynchronous Loading In Unity

Made a quick Async Level Loading Demo in Unity 3D in an hour . Checkout the webplayer here –

Unity First Impression

I m using unity from quite a while now. I started with unity much before i started this blog. As my first post in Unity Section of my blog i want to share the first impression i got when i was getting started with Unity3D.

I have played with many Game Engines once in a while like Source Engine , C4, Irrlitch, etc and some couple of Gameloft’s internal or in-house game engines. But i have never felt so comfortable and easy get started with any game engine as Unity3D.

It was so simple and intuitive to use the Editor and programming API was also very good and easy to use. In couple of days I got working knowledge to start any kind of game in it. In just couple of days while getting used to I was able to pull of a playable FPS with couple of weapons and 2D air tennis kind of game.

Just for an example of how easy things are in unity – defining a property that we can edit in Editor , In most on Game Engines it means creating .H & .CPP files writing long code , then edit 1-2 scrip files and then it shows up in the Editor. But in Unity3D its like – int property; , yea that’s it.

I also like the way unity handle resources. Just drag and drop textures, models, sound, etc and it’s done (of course we may have to modify some parameters in some cases but using GUI). It provides such an easy and quick workflow that saves a lot of time.

Am afraid if i keep working with Unity3D only it might makes me lazy. I mean i have spent nights implementing collision detection etc by myself in my engine but in Unity3D its just drag n drop of a physics component.