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My Thoughts on DMC: Devil May Cry

Original Devil May Cry released in 2001 was one of the best games of the last decade. It was meant to be Resident Evil 4, but it made Resident Evil look like a SLOW ZOMBIE. Knowing it won’t fit in the resident evil franchise developers gave it its own plot, story & hence a new franchise was born and born with it the whole new genre of action games. There were 3 more games released in that series and it inspired a lot of new games like God Of War, etc. It’s a benchmark for 3D action games even now. Well to be honest I haven’t completed the first the original Devil May Cry ( I was hoping Capcom would release the HD collection on PC also, but sadly they didn’t yet ) but I have played the 3rd and 4th game in the original series and they were unlike anything I had ever played.

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My Thoughts on Halo: Combat Evolved

I just started this game without much expectation (it’s a very old game after all) as I didn’t have anything else to play that time. And of course like many others I have also heard it was a good game, etc. But after couple of hours of game play it sucked me right in & I can’t stop playing it. It’s an amazing game and over next couple of weekends I finished it & here I am writing my thoughts on this amazing game.

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Weekly Update – Starting a new section

So I am starting a new section on the blog about my thoughts on the games I play mostly single player for now. I have been thinking to start this section about my thoughts on Games I play from quite some time now but I in past 6-8 months I haven’t finished any other single player game other than BlackMesa but to do justice to black mesa I have to spend some more time in that game and maybe some time in original HL1. So that has to wait for sometime. But I will be posting tomorrow about my thoughts on Tomb Raider that I finished recently and again only single player that I finished in last 6-8 months.

JustAnotherGameEngine : Tech Demo

Finally the first tech demo/progress video of JustAnotherGameEngine is done. One thing I would like to mention again is I didn’t focus on graphics / rendering for this demo and will be the main focus of next demo.

First Blood

Well I have been thinking to start blogging from a long time but life kept me busy but finally here’s the FirstBlood. I have been working as a Game Developer from last couple of years and have been learning about “How to make Games” from a very long time. So this will be blog about my game development experiences and i would also share useful info, tutorials etc. Apart from development I am also planning to share my views on the games i play. Ideally i would life to write something everyday but with full time job and other research projects mayn’t be able to but lets see how active i can be on this blog.

I am also working on a game engine of my own called “Just Another Game Engine” (till i make it standout from others in some way)

How am planning to organize the blog –

Basically am planning to categorize things in –

  • Game Development – This will include subcategories like GameDesign,Graphics, Physics, etc.
  • JustAnotherGameEngine – For posts related to my game engine and its progress including some demos
  • Programming – This will contain some general programming things
  • Algorithms – I did fair amount of work in algorithms and planning to do some more as algorithms are FUN.
  • Games – My views on some of the games i played or play.
  • General – General Stuff
  • Same Categories like Unity3D, Source, CryEngine, etc. where i will share some tutorials, demos, useful links and my experience with some the Game Engines available out there.

OLD – I have so many projects/apps i created in past i would share so those things along with appropriate categories will also be categorized and marked as old (things that i have done last month/ year etc, basically things that have been done and aren’t active projects/apps any more)