Progress Update

From past 7-8 weeks I have been mainly working on shadows along with some engine code refactoring, adding support for some new things to support shadows like Texture arrays, Geometry shaders, etc

Well, I wanted to write detailed semi-tutorial type blogs about real time shadows hoping it might save someone’s time, researching all the available options, by making all the information available at one place. Information about shadow mapping is scattered all over the internet and spans as long as 10 years in the past (presentations, blogs and forums). Well, I started writing the blog posts as I was going through different parts of implementing the shadows but never got time to finish anything. This was again one of those times when I felt like I can be much more productive by spending whatever free time I get on coding than blogging and I was kinda already late on my initial plan to finish shadows by December. But anyways shadows are done now (well couple of minor testing remains for which I need some big/complex test scenes so I will do that later). I am still going to post some blogs about shadow implementation in the JustAnotherGameEngine but they will not be tutorials now.

I also restructured the whole engine into a single folder making it more manageable and shippable. Something similar to other engines like CryEngine, Unreal, C4,  etc. Which helped to finally host my engine on a Git repository. Builds will be copied to proper folders, batch files exist to clean up, make shippable folder (deleting debug/code stuff etc).

Here is a couple of screenies of the Engine Folder Structure now –

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