WIP: Deferred Rendering

I recently started working on JustAnotherGameEngine again. Although ToneMapping was left incomplete in april I have started on Deferred Rendering for now.Plan is to do ToneMapping after this so that I would have some test scenes with lights rather than just HDR skybox. Because I feel its more difficult to do Tonemapping properly in a 3D scene with multiple dynamic light sources or varying luminosity rather than just a skybox and will be a good test while testing different tone mapping operators.

Anyways back to Deferred Rendering – There are many different ways to doing it. I am going for Tiled Deferred Shading using compute shaders for opaque materials as mentioned in Battlefield3 presentation and in this demo from Intel. Thinking about ForwardPlus or Light Indexed Deferred for transparent materials.

So as of now Tiled Deferred is almost done, only a couple of bugs are remaining.

Here are some screen shots –

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