My Thoughts on Halo: Combat Evolved

I just started this game without much expectation (it’s a very old game after all) as I didn’t have anything else to play that time. And of course like many others I have also heard it was a good game, etc. But after couple of hours of game play it sucked me right in & I can’t stop playing it. It’s an amazing game and over next couple of weekends I finished it & here I am writing my thoughts on this amazing game.

I played the game on PC with Xbox Controller as I am learning to aim with controller as mentioned before in Tomb Raider article also. But this was the first time I was playing a FPS with controller.

First of all love the title music its was one of those situation when we are just playing the game and suddenly realize yea something nice is coming out of headphones & you want to listen to it again. You can feel it in the title music itself something EPIC is coming up. Even the in-game sound tracks are cool & go well with the pace of the game. I don’t usually care that much about background sounds etc in every game but sometimes some soundtracks do standout and this is one of those rare games that serves it well.

In the beginning of the game I didn’t pay much attention to story and it was usual aliens attacking humans thing. But then you see this mysterious ring & things start to get interesting & will keep you curious throughout the game. And then there’s a plot twist after half of the game which makes things more interesting. Overall an Epic story I liked it and yes I agree with many others it can be and should be adapted into a movie.

The main attraction for me initially was its game-play that sucked me in easily. The gun play feels nice and its fast pace with many types of both humans or alien weapons to choose from. I miss these type of fast paced action games from those times. I really liked the alien weapons specially the Needler.  Also not to forget the Melee attack, killing some of those grunts with the but of your gun feels so satisfying. 

Driving around in the jeep with AI shooting from back seat or road killing enemies on island also feels very good. Even though I haven’t tried but if we can have some friends for coop then driving around in jeep and shooting stuff can be much more fun.

Other great thing about the game was its AI which seemed like evolving as we progressed through the game which is a good thing. Enemies don’t just stand and shoot like robots like in most games they actually have variety of behaviors depending on their types and the number of enemies in pact attacking us. They dodge often so you will be shooting many rounds than your any average FPS. Overall difficulty was fine on Normal difficulty mode if you are playing with a Xbox controller but with mouse you might want to increase the difficulty little bit.You will find many of those moments in the game where you have to even stop for a second and plan how will you clear or pass through that area full of enemies in front you.

It’s one of those  RARE games where enemies actually feel like real living creatures than just shooting robots.

Another amazing thing about this game is that u will find the enemies behave more like living creatures than just dumb shooting robots in many other games. A lot of factors contribute to this look and feel. First one as I mentioned earlier is the intelligent AI – they don’t just come running at you shooting. They will attack in pacts, they will dodge your bullets, they will run and hide when they feel weak or left alone. There are unique AI behaviors for different enemies some will keep shooting behind covers slowly closing in on you , others will just run into you with swords in close halls,etc

Another important factor is the animation & physics. The alien creatures have so much detailed and natural animation whether its running around, shooting, bullet impacts,etc. all of them feel so believable, making game much more interesting. Even the alien chatter sounds are funny.

I really like the attention given to animation & behavior making the overall experience much better. Just for an example if you ever run into a grunt standing alone or away from pact they will try to evade & run into cover / other aliens with both hands in the air  shouting things like – “they are everywhere”,etc. It’s quite amusing to see things like that and that’s not something you see in other games every other day.

And that’s why you get videos like this on youtube –

Another example can be the impact of bullet on aliens which also affect their balance due to which they also stop shooting at you for a sec or two, which can also be used to run into them to finish the job with melee attack if you want.

The overall pacing of the game is good and you will never get boring and loved the amount of freedom we get to explore things on some levels like on island etc, where instead of following a fixed path we can explore the map the way we like in no fixed order.

There’s one complain or negative point for the game in my opinion is the playing through same level or same areas again and again at some point when 50-60% into the game. It feels little boring, repetitive and not that interesting in otherwise a very good game.

It’s a must play for any gamer out there. It got good music, story, animation, game-play & what not. Little repetitive in some levels but an overall amazing experience that every gamer must have. A True system seller (or Xbox seller in this case).

Last but not the least if you finish the game on Legendary you can watch this somewhat funny ending –

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