My Thoughts on DMC: Devil May Cry

Original Devil May Cry released in 2001 was one of the best games of the last decade. It was meant to be Resident Evil 4, but it made Resident Evil look like a SLOW ZOMBIE. Knowing it won’t fit in the resident evil franchise developers gave it its own plot, story & hence a new franchise was born and born with it the whole new genre of action games. There were 3 more games released in that series and it inspired a lot of new games like God Of War, etc. It’s a benchmark for 3D action games even now. Well to be honest I haven’t completed the first the original Devil May Cry ( I was hoping Capcom would release the HD collection on PC also, but sadly they didn’t yet ) but I have played the 3rd and 4th game in the original series and they were unlike anything I had ever played.

DMC: Devil May Cry is the re-imagination of the series, a reboot developed by a Ninja Theory. I still remember the first debut trailer and yes I was one of those fans who were not so happy with the new Dante and were worried if the new developers can truly do justice with this franchise. It’s only after checking some latest gameplay demos / videos which seemed good gameplay wise I decided to buy and give it a try,

I played the game on PC with Xbox controller. Keyboard & mouse does work, but Xbox controller is the best way to play this type of games in my opinion.Game consists of 20 missions took me around 8-9 hours on normal difficulty. But to fully explore the maps and get all souls, etc we have to play at least once more as some areas can only be visited later once the Dante is fully loaded. I have just downloaded the Bloody Palace and really looking forward to spending some time on it. It used to be one of the favorite pass time during college days in DevilMayCry 4.

After starting the game, my initial reacting wasn’t so positive again mainly because of the new Dante. Developers(Ninja Theory) even mock the fans who were raging about Dante’s new looks with an Easter Egg, during first level some white hair wig falls on his head and he looks into the mirror and says – “Not in a million years”.

The story of the game was good enough. Dante is a Nephilim, who’s angel mother, got killed and his devil father was captured by the most powerful demon Mundus. By means of his powerful empire, soft drinks and mass media Mundus keeps humanity dumb to easily rule them. After getting to know all this Dante together with the rebel group ‘The Order’ which was operating under the command of Dante’s brother Vergil, he decides to destroy that Empire and take Mundus down. There’s one thing that I felt lacking or kind of plot hole is that after initial story cut scene there’s no mention of the Dante’s father Sparta who was being held by Mundus and neither they try to free him or anything.

Another thing, I would like to point out, is the characterization of Vergil. He doesn’t feel anything like the Vergil we used to know, he seems so insignificant. Although in the end, we finally get to fight him which I think was a good fan service from developers really appreciate that.

Graphics were decent. Good artwork and really like the concept of the world being torn apart in Limbo. Love the way the entire environment feels like chasing us wherever we go in Limbo, spawning some crazy stuff, those messages on walls, etc. The entire world feels alive and you are like – ‘leave me alone’.

You can also see the people from real world kind of ghosting around in limbo reminding us from time to time that Limbo is a parallel universe / dimension and whatever we do here impacts the real world the destruction, etc. This might seem like one small thing but creates a big impact in terms of plot and the overall setting in the game. I love these kinds of little details which make good games stand out.

Now let’s talk about the main thing the Gameplay. The main point of attraction in Devil May Cry franchise, as mentioned above, has always been the gameplay the action-based combat system. The only thing, that still makes this game feel like a devil may cry is its combat which is great as you would expect in fact I would argue it goes a couple of steps forward. You still have to pull out unique combos to increase your style rating which in turn will give you more points to upgrade Dante’s abilities. After fully loaded you will have two angel weapons & two demon weapons which will be required for some special enemy types which can only be killed by either one of them, which is a welcome addition. So it adds another layer of gameplay as you have to consider the type of enemy & right weapon for it while planning combos, it will play a significant role to decide which enemies to take first and which ones to corner or avoid for later, etc. And then there are enemies with shield for which can only be destroyed by certain weapons.

The grappling hook is another important addition to the game, which can be used to either pull enemies towards you or to quickly push yourself towards enemies. It’s also very helpful in platforming & can be used to reach some secrets areas which would otherwise be unreachable. This mechanic was kind of there in DevilMayCry 4 also while playing as Nero but in this game, it’s a fully explored. It’s also quite handy for dodging & continuing combos and there will be certain situations where you will wonder what would I have done without this whether its Ravagers running at you with chainsaw or Tyrants, etc. So they don’t just give you new tools they give you the reasons to use them too.

The combat feels good and fluid. There’s plenty of combos & weapons to choose from. It seemed little easier to pull of style ratings in this game than old ones. Also, the game is little easier in general on normal difficulty level but on higher difficulty levels things get interesting especially on Son of Sparda difficulty and above. I think for anyone familiar with DevilMayCry combat and looking for some challenging fights Son of Sparda is best to start with, it increases the difficulty not only by making them stronger but also by remixing the enemy waves throughout the game, after that you can of course unlock more extreme modes like Dante Must Die, etc. where you will die in just one hit.

Lack of locking mechanism in this game made aiming proper targets very difficult and annoying sometimes. For example, flare gun was a nice addition but you will find very difficult to aim at proper targets in fights. Even grappling to enemies we want to target can be annoyingly difficult which otherwise is a very useful tool in fights.

Initially, I liked the platforming in the game but then it felt little tiring on some levels towards the end of the game (especially in mission 14).

Gigantic bosses are back and they might feel little difficult at first but once you figure out the pattern or the trick they are very easy to kill. Boss fights reminded me a lot of the last big boss battle from DevilMayCry 4. Don’t expect to pull off any long combos in boss fights it’s all about identifying the patterns, dodging and attacking at the right time with the most devastating blow possible. But it’s not that boss fights are boring either. It’s just that I would love to see some more interesting scenarios or some more interesting things in boss battles.But yea I have to mention one boss fight Bob Barbas was unique and sort of entertaining, but still an easy one.

It’s crazy, funny & a good reboot and a very good game in itself THUMBS UP. The new Dante is good and a lot better than what was initially shown in the debut trailer.But I still miss the old Dante and yes the new Dante can’t be the old/original one – “Not in a million years” (it’s not just about hair & it never was) . Also missed the Japanese touch on the overall game itself.

A good reboot and one of the best action games I have played recently. But the old Dante will still be missed.

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