Monthly Archives: August 2013

Weekly Update

So I am still working on some optimizations on my GuassBlur Compute Shader. I have also started writing some parts of ToneMapping also using Compute Shader, hoping to finish something worth a screenshot or something by weekend.

I am testing some different permutations of Guass mean, filter size, etc. Also I am looking in repeating / rolling box filter using Compute Shader even though I am not a big fan of blocky / boxy filter for blurring the images but Nvidia Direct3D 11 had a demo of Guass Blur using repeated box filter so I want to explore that also.

But I am not sure which one I will be doing first I have done little bit of work both on ToneMapping and Repeated Box – Guass Filter .

Update : Forgot to mention earlier I am re-writing my DMC review since previous one got lost in the HDD crash.

Another HDD Crash

Gone are the days when I used to blindly trust Western Digital for HDD . Second HDD crash in 6 months taking away all projects whether personal or freelance work. But after spending whole week I recovered important ones. My engine is recovered I am happy. Funny thing is 10 days before that it just came to my mind and I was searching for some options to host my project on some free private svn or git repository online. So somehow my spider sense knew it was coming. But I preferred to spend that weekend playing Dota 2 than completing job of finding a good option and uploading the code DAMN VALVE – ” why u make so addictive games ? ” .

After I am done with the recovery hopefully by tomorrow Western Digital is going to get a very nice email from me with lots of love apart from usual RMA details.

 I still have Seagate HDD 6 yrs old still working flawlessly giving me 70-80 MB/s transfer rate same as on the first day.

My previous HDD crash happened in November so WD sent me a HDD which wasn’t event being detected on the PC (yes I checked it in BIOS too) then took another couple weeks to send me  this new one. After 6 months it crashed again WTF. I mean I still have Seagate HDD 6 yrs old still working flawlessly giving me 70-80 MB/s transfer rate same as on the first day.

I lost my trust in Western Digital I am not buying another WD HDD again.