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WIP: HDR Rendering – GaussBlur Filter

So  as I mentioned earlier I have been working on implementing HDR rendering using compute shaders. It’s my first time with compute shaders and I hate that we can’t debug compute shaders (at least not in vs graphics debugger or pix). One of the part of HDR renderer is GuassBlur filter which will be used for bloom and later for DOF, Motion Blur, etc.

Right now I am implementing GuassBlur Filter using Compute Shaders. Here’s some screenshots of my first Implementation –

(With Blur)


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Weekly Update

I have been busy with my new contract which is on site & it was little involving in few initial days, so wasn’t getting a lot of free time to work on the engine. Also I whatever free time I was getting whether on weekend or couple of hours in weekdays I was trying to finish the mobile game about which I posted earlier.

But Initial crunch is kinda over and I have resumed the work on the engine again. So currently I am working on HDR renderer. I have implemented my first version using usual pixel shader pipeline and now I am working to implement it using Compute Shaders.

Apart from tech stuff I have been playing a lot of new DevilMayCry so I will be posting “My thoughts on DevilMayCry” article soon.