Parallax Occlusion Mapping with Silhouettes

Normal Mapping


Parallax Occlusion Mapping


Parallax Occlusion Mapping with Silhouettes



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  1. Cool effect!
    Would you mind sharing the ideas on how it was implemented?

  2. yes sure.
    Long story short instead of just sampling the surface details (texture, height map, etc. ) at the current pixel location we do a sort of ray trace and we use the first intersection as the location to sample the surface details.
    But during practical implementation there are some challenges and few different solutions have been suggested by different people over the time. I tried few of them.
    Here are some of the references I have checked –

    If you want to checkout some working samples instead of research papers check –
    4) MS DirectX SDK Samples
    5) Nvidia Graphics SDK Samples

    and many more. You might wanna google some related terms like parallax mapping, parallax offset mapping, relief mapping, etc.

  3. Thanks for your references
    Would you mind sharing the details on the silhouettes corrections?

  4. Ok so proper way of doing silhouettes corrections is cone stepped parallax occlusion mapping or prism parallax occlusion mapping. Here’s one of those papers

    That been said the way I did it was a hack ( but many algos in gfx programming are a hack afterall ). The idea is to clip the pom algo at the edges more details can be found in this thread –

    I used this type of hack because I am going for tessellation anyways.

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