Started work on DirectX11 Engine

Its been almost 2 weeks now that I have started with Direct3D11. So far it seems much better and cleaner than DirectX9. I am sticking only to Direct3D SDK inside Windows 8 SDK only and not including anything from DirectX SDK to comply to Windows 8 Store requirements. This means I can’t use those very handy D3DX utility classes and functions anymore and have to write everything from scratch. That includes many things like  D3DXMaths texture loader supporting almost all image types, mesh file parser (x files, sdkmesh, etc. ). I am thinking to use DirectXTK for texture loading and even simplemath for now which I can replace later on with SIMD based directxmath.

So far I have Device initialization , enumeration , settings , etc.  have been done. This time instead of writing whole thing myself I took a couple of files from the DXUT library inside old DirectX SDK and ported it for only Windows 8 SDK. Another benefit that I got is that now I also have DXUTGUI library ported so I now have some basic GUI also in new engine. It may not be the ideal GUI solution but for debugging and tech demos it’s an easy way to have things like combo box, sliders , etc. Again this porting made possible only by new cleaner Direct3D11 API. I tried same thing during DX9 time but after spending 10 days or so with no good results I gave up ,because so much of messy code and so much of checking that needs to be done in DX9.

I am writing the new renderer so it will take some time to get all things working again but I am focusing on getting render up and running fires as soon as possible.

Device11Init1 Device11Init2

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