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JustAnotherGameEngine Features

Now there’s a Features page containing the information about the capabilities of Just Another Game Engine.

Also added some screenshots on the same page.

From Menu use JustAnotherGameEngine -> Features

JustAnotherGameEngine : Tech Demo

Finally the first tech demo/progress video of JustAnotherGameEngine is done. One thing I would like to mention again is I didn’t focus on graphics / rendering for this demo and will be the main focus of next demo.

Weekly Update

It’s kinda funny to call it Weekly update anymore considering last weekly update was approx two months back. But for lack of another title using Weekly Update only for now. (Also I will try to be regular now with weekly updates.)

It’s been long time since the last post and the reason being I took much more work then I can easily manage, was working on four projects all of them being big ones and related to games only.

One of them being the tech demo of Just Another Game Engine. So as I posted in december a lot of data and code related to it got lost during HDD crash. But I started the work on it again and most of the features and game scenes have been done. Only couple of game scenes and Video capturing / editing is remaining. I trying to push myself to complete  it by this weekend.

There are few things that I was working on before HDD crash that I didn’t include now –

  • Rigid Body physics for spherical / ellipsoid objects.
  • Basic kinematic physics for AABB/OABB.
  • MultiThreading

There are also some new things which I have now included in the demo now –

  • AI (Steering, Path Finding, Flocking, other movement AI behaviours like collision avoidance etc,Crowd Simulation)
  • IK for characters (I have worked on few IK demos as a freelancer long time ago so I thought it would be nice to have it in the demo)
  • Increased the overall quality of demo by re-imagining some demo scenes to make them better and hopefully little entertaining.

The barebones of the current version of the engine are like 18 months old or so and that time I didn’t have multi threading architecture in mind neither very well-educated regarding the multi threaded game engines etc. Still I did tried to hack in some multi threading and tried to make update and rendering loop kinda separate threads. Code was messy since it was hacky way of doing things. Also there are many limitations in the engine and also I want to change the whole architecture as I am not happy with it now.  That’s another reason for not including Graphics / Rendering in this demo, I have few fancy shaders and some more things in work but to fully include it in engine will require some work but don’t want to spend more time on this only to remove it and re implement later.

Regarding physics I made Rigid Body physics working for spherical and ellipsoidal objects again it mayn’t be proper way of doing things but code was clean enough. But results weren’t that impressive also I am planning to integrate some 3rd party physics engine (considering PhysX or maybe Havok) anyways so when I started again I thought it may not be worth it to spend so much time on something again only for one demo. Untill now I can used only my code in my engine and prevented myself to use any 3rd party library to learn as much as I can which is the primary purpose of this engine.

My focus now is also to get back to the Graphics again asap but at the same time don’t want the engine or games I am planning to make be limited because of that so Including 3rd party libraries for now.

I am planning to do a major revision of the engine and I may make it DirectX11 only engine but how I am going to proceed is not planned at this moment. But I will starting doing some changes in that direction after this demo. I will post an update on this later and also thinking to include details on how my current architecture is preventing me to do certain things,etc

So that’s it for now I will try to be regular now on these updates and First Tech Demo is coming very soon.