Monthly Archives: November 2012

Quick Weekly Update

Just checked it has been more than a month since I posted something so just wanted to post a quick update.

I am actually working on a sort of Demo for my engine and improving the different systems as required to accomplish the goals I have for the Demo. I can’t say much about the Demo right now because I haven’t really decided yet what all things will end up in that demo. One thing that I can say for sure is that I am not focusing on rendering or high quality graphics fidelity for this demo, I am planning to use shaders and rendering techniques that I already have most of them were coded like around 15 months back but still it should be a decent looking demo but with a lot of interesting things in many other areas.

It seems its taking longer than expected. Also some freelancer projects are keeping me busy.

In the meanwhile I am thinking to post some sort of tutorials  in coming weeks to this blog active.

First tutorial will be on the basic Lighting and Shading should be up by the end of the week.