Collision Detection System

In last post I have already talked about why i wanted to make proper collision detection system and also said I will be posting progress and what things i want to implement so here it is –

Basically I want to implement the whole collision detecting system involving primitives, mesh colliders etc together with broad phase optimization techniques. So i don’t have to worry about collision detection ever again. Also i want to utilize knowledge gained in the process and apply it to the rendering and finally implement the things i wanted from a long time like Scene Graph, Occlusion Culling, Portals systems, etc.

I have divided the things into 2 phases –

Phase 1

In this phase player or object in consideration will either be a AABB, Cube, Sphere or Ellipsoid. And we will be using polygons/ triangles making up the objects for collision also and not simple primitive objects. Goals for this phase –

  • Design Collision Manager that will be handling all collision related stuff.
  • CD (Collision Detection) of AABB with Polygons (triangles making up objects in current scene , yes there are no simple primitives).
  • Sphere & Ellipsoid with Polygons.
  • Registration & CD of Static Objects
  • Registration & CD of Dynamic Objects (Moving objects like bullet etc)
  • Registration & CD of Height map Terrains (avoiding registration of whole terrain mesh if possible because that’s going to take allot of memory and unnecessary CPU time )
  • Registration of Static Hierarchal meshes loaded from 3ds Max as Static Objects.
  • Registration & CD of Models with animation loaded from 3ds Max (e.g. Walking character , etc).
  • Update Player FPS Controller and Implement Response phase.
  • Map Editor with collision detection support for making simple levels.
  • Or Implement the support for Loading Levels from 3ds Max and register it with Collision detection System and also make a provision to place some simple entities in 3ds Max and recognize it in engine while loading.
  • Make the whole Collision Detection System and Response phase of Player Independent of Default Co-ordinate Axes. (I will explain it later but it’s like using OABB instead of AABB. But thing am trying to do is beyond that and I can’t explain it without screenshots etc)

Phase 2

  • Implement primitives (Cylinders) to speed up Collision Detection allowing us to avoid Mesh Collider implemented in Phase 1 whenever we can. (Mesh collider can be used easily with every object but it’s quite heavy on the processing side. Also arguably its the most involved one.)
  • Implement High Level or Broad Phase Optimization techniques like KD Trees, Oct Trees, BSP, etc
  • Use the tools and knowledge gathered in Collision Detection and Apply it to Rendering also.

Phase 3

  • Convex Hulls
  • Collision Detection on GPU (using general techniques and maybe using CUDA also).

Phase 3 is not really planned but am looking forward to do it. But I think it will not be soon because I would like to implement other things first like Physics. There’s no point of fancy Collision Detection System without a good Physics System with rigid body physics at least. There are other things I would like to do before that like a more robust Scene Manager with Portals, Occlusion Culling etc. All these techniques are related with Collision Detection.

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