First Blood

Well I have been thinking to start blogging from a long time but life kept me busy but finally here’s the FirstBlood. I have been working as a Game Developer from last couple of years and have been learning about “How to make Games” from a very long time. So this will be blog about my game development experiences and i would also share useful info, tutorials etc. Apart from development I am also planning to share my views on the games i play. Ideally i would life to write something everyday but with full time job and other research projects mayn’t be able to but lets see how active i can be on this blog.

I am also working on a game engine of my own called “Just Another Game Engine” (till i make it standout from others in some way)

How am planning to organize the blog –

Basically am planning to categorize things in –

  • Game Development – This will include subcategories like GameDesign,Graphics, Physics, etc.
  • JustAnotherGameEngine – For posts related to my game engine and its progress including some demos
  • Programming – This will contain some general programming things
  • Algorithms – I did fair amount of work in algorithms and planning to do some more as algorithms are FUN.
  • Games – My views on some of the games i played or play.
  • General – General Stuff
  • Same Categories like Unity3D, Source, CryEngine, etc. where i will share some tutorials, demos, useful links and my experience with some the Game Engines available out there.

OLD – I have so many projects/apps i created in past i would share so those things along with appropriate categories will also be categorized and marked as old (things that i have done last month/ year etc, basically things that have been done and aren’t active projects/apps any more)

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